Ice Bear MadDog Scooter For Sale Cheap

maddog scooter for sale cheapA range of reputable online dealers do offer Ice Bear Mad Dog parts online. Although they aren’t currently available at the official Ice Bear website, you’ll find that getting the specific parts that you want is as easy as comparing prices for those parts across a few (or several) authorized Ice Bear parts retailers.

Today, we’d like to help you learn the secrets of smart comparison-shopping for these scooter and ATV components…

How to Shop Smart

Knowing your make and model of Ice Bear Mad Dog scooter is the key to doing a simple and streamlined Google search which helps you to find the right parts in no time flat. We advise adding your make and model number, plus part type, to a Google search field, along with the keywords, “Ice Bear Mad Dog parts buy online”. This type of “long-tail” keyword will help you to find the perfect retailers in just a few seconds.  If you are ready to buy Ice Bear MadDog Scooters On Sale then check the following web site for more information.

Once you’ve gotten your search results, be aware that the online retailers at the top of the list get the most traffic online. They are probably safe picks, although we do recommend looking for reviews of these retailers before you begin comparing their products and prices. If they do get strong and positive customer feedback, visit their websites, one by one, and then look for the part that you need for the lowest price.

Some people compare two or three online retailers, while others look at every Ice Bear Mad Dog parts retailer that operates via the Web. How comprehensive your comparison-shopping will be is really up to you. The more online retailers you compare, the better your chances of accessing truly impressive prices for the part or parts that you want.

Once you’ve found the right retailer, just register and make your purchase. Keep an eye on shipping costs. You should be able to find out how much shipping will cost before you finalize your order.

What Parts Are Available Online?

Parts are available for Gen I, II and III Mad Dog scooters, in an array of colors. This type of scooter is a clone of a famous scooter from Honda, which is called the Ruckus. The best online retailers will offer aftermarket parts and stock (OEM) parts, so you’ll have plenty of options, whether you want to replace or modify. Choose from camshafts, alternator assemblies, belts and a host of other parts.

When you choose a reputable retailer, you should be able to get authentic parts for a good price, with reasonable shipping costs. Some online retailers may offer free shipping.

You’ll have many online retailers to choose from. Most people choose the online retailer with the lowest prices. Now that you know how to comparison-shop effectively, you should have no trouble finding great prices quickly. If you have questions about the parts, be sure to reach out to online retailers via the “contact us” pages of their official websites. A good company will respond promptly and offer lots of guidance and support.

Now, why not shop for Ice Bear Mad Dag parts today?

Why a Scooter Mechanic Needs Insurance

Insurance cover insures your business against several perils. This will prevent substantial losses that may lead to closure if the perils occur. Therefore a traders insurance quote should be sought and the best deal pursued. Mechanics and sellers of scooters need to take out trade insurance too for the following reasons.

Learn more about trade insurance quotes

Damage to scooters

Sometimes, the scooters may experience damage in their premises. This may be caused by falling objects or other unfortunate events. The damage may be too much such that the scooters require to be replaced. If they have insurance cover, the insurance firm will cover for the acquisition of the new scooter. Therefore the business will not suffer from such unexpected expenses.


Thieves are a nuisance in some areas and they may cause your business losses and subsequent closure. If the firm has insurance it will avoid this. Thieves sometimes may steal quite a large number of scooters which the business may not be able to replace and therefore insurance is important.

Fire insurance

Some trade insurance policies are comprehensive enough to cover risk of fire. This means that in case an accidental fire destroys all or some of the scooters in the seller’s or mechanic’s premises, the insurance company will take care of the expenses that accrue. The business will be able to resume its activities within a shorter period of time as compared to the case when there is no insurance.

Tools used for work

Sometimes, these may be misplaced, lost, destroyed or even become out-dated. This means that your organisation will be temporarily out of business if you cannot finance the replacement. Insurance covers will help with this as you have the chance to get your tools replaced after a short while.

Third party liability

Sometimes, negligence of your employees may lead to third party injuries on the premises. These people may claim compensation which will highly depend on the level of injury. In cases where the firm has to pay substantial amounts of money, the business may suffer greatly. This can all be avoided by taking up a comprehensive trade insurance that covers third parties.

Employee liability

Sometimes, an employee may get hurt either from his own actions or by accident. In some instances, this may be a problem since the organisation may be depending on this employee for the major work done. If insurance has not been taken put, the business may even be stopped in the absence of the employee. To avoid all these inconveniences that lead to substantial losses, the sellers and mechanics should have their employees covered by insurance.

Other covers

There are several other things that can be included in your insurance cover to protect your business. This may include a cover from fraudulent employees who may be out to ruin your business, a cover for the building that your business is located in and a cover for business interruptions.

To get a comprehensive insurance cover that insurers against all these perils may be an uphill task. However, comprehensive trade insurance for scooter dealers and mechanics exist. Find the best one to ensure your business is safe from all these perils.