Why a Scooter Mechanic Needs Insurance

Insurance cover insures your business against several perils. This will prevent substantial losses that may lead to closure if the perils occur. Therefore a traders insurance quote should be sought and the best deal pursued. Mechanics and sellers of scooters need to take out trade insurance too for the following reasons.

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Damage to scooters

Sometimes, the scooters may experience damage in their premises. This may be caused by falling objects or other unfortunate events. The damage may be too much such that the scooters require to be replaced. If they have insurance cover, the insurance firm will cover for the acquisition of the new scooter. Therefore the business will not suffer from such unexpected expenses.


Thieves are a nuisance in some areas and they may cause your business losses and subsequent closure. If the firm has insurance it will avoid this. Thieves sometimes may steal quite a large number of scooters which the business may not be able to replace and therefore insurance is important.

Fire insurance

Some trade insurance policies are comprehensive enough to cover risk of fire. This means that in case an accidental fire destroys all or some of the scooters in the seller’s or mechanic’s premises, the insurance company will take care of the expenses that accrue. The business will be able to resume its activities within a shorter period of time as compared to the case when there is no insurance.

Tools used for work

Sometimes, these may be misplaced, lost, destroyed or even become out-dated. This means that your organisation will be temporarily out of business if you cannot finance the replacement. Insurance covers will help with this as you have the chance to get your tools replaced after a short while.

Third party liability

Sometimes, negligence of your employees may lead to third party injuries on the premises. These people may claim compensation which will highly depend on the level of injury. In cases where the firm has to pay substantial amounts of money, the business may suffer greatly. This can all be avoided by taking up a comprehensive trade insurance that covers third parties.

Employee liability

Sometimes, an employee may get hurt either from his own actions or by accident. In some instances, this may be a problem since the organisation may be depending on this employee for the major work done. If insurance has not been taken put, the business may even be stopped in the absence of the employee. To avoid all these inconveniences that lead to substantial losses, the sellers and mechanics should have their employees covered by insurance.

Other covers

There are several other things that can be included in your insurance cover to protect your business. This may include a cover from fraudulent employees who may be out to ruin your business, a cover for the building that your business is located in and a cover for business interruptions.

To get a comprehensive insurance cover that insurers against all these perils may be an uphill task. However, comprehensive trade insurance for scooter dealers and mechanics exist. Find the best one to ensure your business is safe from all these perils.